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Our Practice

Business and Corporate Transactions

Chang & Coté offers legal services for all types of businesses of all sizes from entrepreneurs to commercial enterprises. Our attorneys take an approach that focuses on each client’s particular objectives and concerns, and are committed to utilizing their skills and experience to create strategies to most effectively accomplish those goals. Our focus is to provide our clients with dependable and high quality service and attention committed. Our business and corporate transaction practice includes: entity selection, business structure counseling, contract negotiations and drafting of various business agreements including partnership, shareholder, licensing, and supplier agreements, non-disclosure agreements, business governance, corporate, LLP, and LLC organizational documents.

Business Litigation

Our litigation attorneys represent our clients in all areas of business-related litigation and resolution. From contractual and partnership cases to complex commercial litigation involving multi-million dollar disputes, we have litigated in state and federal venues at the trial and appellate levels. We understand our clients’ needs for efficiency and cost-effectiveness and we take an aggressive yet carefully executed approach that emphasizes a broad range of services and strategies in order to minimize the cost and length of litigation. Most uniquely, our attorneys work to think not only as litigators, but also as business men and women, in order to most effectively achieve our clients’ goals. Our constant focus is to secure the best feasible result for our clients given their varying business objectives and the issues they face.

Employment & Labor

Chang & Coté’s attorneys effectively and diligently work to succeed in the most challenging employment and labor issues. With our extensive knowledge of employment law, our attorneys actively work to counsel our clients about preventative measures in addition to litigate and resolve disputes covering a wide spectrum of issues, including personnel policies, wrongful termination, employment agreements, unfair competition, trade secrets, wage and hour, harassment, discrimination, and retaliation, brought under federal and state laws. Our employment attorneys have also successfully litigated and favorably resolved labor and employment cases.   Additionally, Chang & Coté has skillfully represented their clients before the Department of Fair Employment and Housing, Division of Workers’ Compensation, the Employment Development Department in a number of administrative proceedings, and other venues.

Real Estate

Chang & Coté’s Real Estate Practice Group is particularly skilled in a wide spectrum of real estate issues and frequently assists in planning the structure of and negotiating the details regarding complex real estate transactions and in handling legal analysis and documentation. Chang & Coté’s broad spectrum of clients consists of buyers, sellers, lenders, developers, and investors. Our attorneys expertly aid clients in the acquisition, development, financing, sale, and leasing of real estate. The firm’s unique and extensive experience in various areas of real estate transactions is enhanced by our attorneys’ expert utilization of resources, exceptional legal capabilities, and practical, business-oriented approach to our clients’ issues.

Intellectual Property

Chang & Cote represents its clients in trademarks, copyright, internet, trade secrets, licensing and related litigation.  Our priority is to protect and enforce our clients’ ingenuity by securing their clients’ exclusive rights to produce and/or use them. Our practice involves trademark, copyright, and trade secrets.

At Chang & Coté, our attorneys are knowledgeable in each area and are able to represent and counsel our clients’ in a variety of intellectual property matters, including prosecuting trademarks, litigating critical intellectual property disputes, and navigating the state, federal, and international laws and regulations governing intellectual property.  

Wills, Trusts, & Estate Planning

At Chang & Coté, we focus on developing long-term relationships with our clients in order to better understand our clients’ needs and concerns. Our attorneys counsel our clients in planning for their future by preserving their success in order to fund retirement and pass assets to loved ones. Further, it is essential for our clients who own family businesses to prepare in advance for situations where business succession is of concern. Chang & Coté assists individuals, business owners, and families in these important matters and decisions by creating estate plans that are designed to best serve every client’s individual needs. Our will, estates and estate practice includes creating trusts, maintaining trust documents, drafting powers of attorney, preparing living wills, and drafting advance health care directives. We are prepared and capable to handle all of our clients’ needs, whether our clients possess simple estates with assets to preserve for their loved ones or multi-estates with property, business ownership, or complex asset distribution and wealth transfer concerns. Chang & Coté prioritizes client needs and objectives and is committed to developing and implementing and estate preservation and allocation plan that will fulfill each client’s specific goals.


Chang & Coté’s immigration practice advises clients on documentation requirements, petitions for EB-5 Investment Immigration, EB-1 Multi-National Executive and Manager, L-1 Intra-Company Transfers, applications for H-1B Professional Workers, and other visas and matters regarding non-immigrants and undocumented workers. Our attorneys work to skillfully aid employers in navigating the complexities of immigration law in order to ensure the efficient application process for hiring foreign national employees.